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Here's the things I meant but I never said

For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic.
10 December 1987


My name is Katie. Or KT if you're lazy and prefer to abbreviate things.

I'm 22 and currently a Vet Tech student. I've switched majors so many times in college that it's taking me forever to finally decide what I'm going to do with myself, but I'm pursuing my options for getting into Pre-Vet at the moment, and maybe sometime in the next decade I'll be able to add DVM to the end of my name, or be working as a Zoologist somewhere. All I know is wherever I end up, it'll be in a career with animals.

People say I have a zoo at home. I own a Siberian Husky, medium-haired tabby cat, Timneh African Grey parrot, red-eared slider turtle, and occasionally some fish. I plan to get another Siberian, some Leopard Geckos, a couple chinchillas and maybe another TAG, Cockatoo or Macaw in the future. My pets are my family. Chances are, I like them better than I like you.

My hobbies are first and foremost my pets, followed by video games, anime/manga, gardening, sports, graphic design, and various other random things. I like trying new things, so long as they don't potentially threaten my life and/or sanity.

I'm always willing to meet a fellow pet owner and chat about our pets, so feel free to add me if you fit this criteria and think we'd click :P

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